Conception Island, Bahamas

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Conception Island
Conception Island is located in Bahamas
Conception Island
Conception Island
The location of Conception Island within the Bahamas
LocationAtlantic Ocean
Coordinates23°49′59″N 75°06′47″W / 23.833°N 75.113°W / 23.833; -75.113Coordinates: 23°49′59″N 75°06′47″W / 23.833°N 75.113°W / 23.833; -75.113
ArchipelagoLucayan Archipelago
Additional information
Time zone
 • Summer (DST)

Conception Island is an islet located in the Bahamas. It is 7–9 km2 (2.7–3.5 sq mi) and reaches 25 m (82 ft) above sea level.[1] It is an important rookery for nesting seabirds and hatching site for green turtles. It is uninhabited and protected as part of the Conception Island National Park.

In 2015, a species of boa called the Conception Bank silver boa (Chilabothrus argentum) was found to occur here;[1][2] the new species is endemic to Conception as well as its satellite islets.[1]

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