Conception Island, Seychelles

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Conception Island
Conception Island is located in Seychelles
Conception Island
Conception Island
Location of Conception Island in Seychelles
Location Seychelles, Indian Ocean
Coordinates 4°40′S 55°22′E / 4.667°S 55.367°E / -4.667; 55.367Coordinates: 4°40′S 55°22′E / 4.667°S 55.367°E / -4.667; 55.367
Archipelago Inner Islands, Seychelles
Adjacent bodies of water Indian Ocean
Total islands 1
Major islands
  • Conception
Area 0.604 km2 (0.233 sq mi)
Length 1.5 km (0.93 mi)
Width 0.6 km (0.37 mi)
Coastline 35 km (21.7 mi)
Highest elevation 131 m (430 ft)
Highest point Conception
Group Granitic Seychelles
Sub-Group Mahe Islands
Sub-Group Port Glaud Islands
Districts Port Glaud
Population 0 (2014)
Pop. density 0 /km2 (0 /sq mi)
Ethnic groups Creole, French, East Africans, Indians.
Additional information
Time zone
ISO code SC-21
Official website

Conception Island is a small island (0.603 km2) in the Seychelles 2 km west of Mahé. Conception contained a coconut plantation until the mid-1970s; today it is uninhabited. Conception Island, along with its sister island Thérèse Island, is part of Port Glaud district of Mahé, the main island of the Seychelles.

Recently the island has been created as a wildlife reserve. It is the home of the extremely rare Seychelles white-eye and other birds such as the Seychelles kestrel, Seychelles blue pigeon and the Madagascar turtle-dove. It also has two species of gecko.[1]

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