Concerned Group for Republican Prisoners

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The Concerned Group for Republican Prisoners (CGRP) was an Irish republican prisoners' support group.

The CGRP was established on September 10, 2005 as the result of an internal dispute within the ranks of Continuity Irish Republican Army (CIRA) prisoners being held at Portlaoise Prison. That dispute led to a number of CIRA prisoners to leave the organisation. Three of these prisoners have since aligned themselves with the Irish National Liberation Army landing in the prison, but the others are now independent of any known paramilitary grouping and are known as the Republican Prisoners Group. They are located on E4 landing. The prisoners who chose to remain in the CIRA have moved to D wing. The majority of the CGRP prisoners returned to the CIRA or served out their sentences unaligned. As of 2010, the CGRP have no prisoners left and the organization is now defunct.