Concert Square, Liverpool

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Coordinates: 53°24′12″N 2°58′49″W / 53.4033°N 2.9802°W / 53.4033; -2.9802

Concert Square, Liverpool, 21 May 2013.jpg

Concert Square is a square located in Liverpool City Centre, England. The square and the immediate surrounding area is often referred to as the heart of Liverpool’s nightlife[1] due to the area being populated with some of the best known nightclubs and bars in the city, and indeed the North West of England.[2]

Some of the bars and nightclubs you'll find in and around the Concert Square area are:

  • Baa Bar, Black Rabbit, Ça Va, Camel Club, The Crafty Chandler, Django's Riff, Fushion, INK Bar, The Krazyhouse, Level, The Lime Kiln, McCooley's, Modo, Penthouse, Pop World, Reflex, Republik, Revolution, Rhum, Soho, Tiki Joes, Walkabout and Yates's'