Concert for Democracy in China

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Concert for Democracy in China
VenueHappy Valley Racecourse, Hong Kong
Date(s)May 27, 1989; 31 years ago (1989-05-27)
Duration12 hours
Attendance200,000 – 1,000,000
Box officeHK$12,000,000

The Concert for Democracy in China (Chinese: 民主歌聲獻中華) was a benefit concert held in Hong Kong in support of the students involved in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. The concert was held on May 27, 1989 at the Happy Valley Racecourse on Hong Kong Island. The event lasted for 12 hours[1] and raised over HK$12,000,000[2] (1.5 million US dollars) for the students in Beijing.[3]


The event was hosted by James Wong, Phillip Chan, Eric Tsang, and John Shum. Shum stated in an interview that no performers were invited to the concert; all of the performers enlisted voluntarily.[4] Sing Pao Daily News reported that the event was attended by nearly one million people,[5] while Ta Kung Pao reported around 500,000 participants.[6] Other estimates state the event was attended by around 200,000 people.[1][2]

Notable musicians involved in the performance[edit]

Roman Tam, Teresa Teng, Jackie Chan,[7] Liza Wang, Anita Mui, Hou Dejian, Lydia Shum, Wakin Chau, Lowell Lo, Kenny Bee, Cheung Ming-man, Danny Summer, Danny Chan, Jacky Cheung, Christopher Wong, Tai Chi, Beyond, Tat Ming Pair, Hacken Lee, Vivian Chow, Ram Chiang, Rosanne Lui, Alvin Kwok, Blue Jeans, Maria Cordero, Dave Wang, Cherrie Choi, Stephen Gan and others.

Andy Lau, Chow Yun-Fat, Alan Tam, Shing Fui-On, Loletta Lee, Chin Siu-ho, Maggie Cheung, Sharon Kwok, Cheung Kwok Keung, George Lam also appeared through a large screen on the stage.[8]

North American tour[edit]

The concert also toured outside of Hong Kong in 1990, namely with North American stops in Vancouver, San Francisco, New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Toronto.[1]


After the event, Lee Cheuk-yan, representing the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, was detained upon arriving in Beijing with HK$1,000,000 in donations made by the Hong Kong people to the event. He was forced to sign a confession letter and released three days later; the funds were confiscated by authorities in Beijing.[9]

Donald Tsang attendance controversy[edit]

In June 2006, Szeto Wah and other participants recalled seeing Donald Tsang attend the event. However, Tsang denied "unequivocally" he ever attended the event, stating that he had merely bumped into Szeto Wah after having dinner with his son at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.[10] At the 2006 commemoration of the 1989 protests in Hong Kong, Fernando Cheung also claimed that Donald Tsang attended the concert, claims which Tsang again denied.[11][12]

Song list[edit]

See list on Chinese Wikipedia.

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