Concert for Kampuchea

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The Concert for Kampuchea
Kampuchea film.jpg
Unofficial DVD cover
Directed byKeith McMillan
Produced byBob Mercer
The Clash
Elvis Costello
The Pretenders
Ian Dury
Rockpile feat. Robert Plant
The Specials
The Who
CinematographyAnthony Richmond
Distributed byAlmi Cinema 5
Release date
  • August 1980 (1980-08)
Running time
90 minutes

The Concert for Kampuchea (subtitled "Rock for Kampuchea") is a musical film from the best of the Concerts for the People of Kampuchea. The film was directed by Keith McMillan and was 4 nights of concerts in Hammersmith Odeon to raise money for Cambodia. The event was organized by Paul McCartney and Kurt Waldheim (who was then Secretary-General of the U.N.), and it involved well-established artists such as McCartney, The Who and Queen as well as younger punk and new wave acts like The Clash and the Pretenders. The film finishes with the presentation of Wings' Rockestra (more of 25 musicians playing together). Filmed in 1979, Concert for Kampuchea did not receive American theatrical distribution until it was picked up by Miramax in 1988.[1]

The concert was also recorded and released as a double LP. It has yet to be released in digital format.

Track listing[edit]

  • Opening commentary
  • Performed by Queen:
"Now I'm Here"
"Guide Us Jah (In Your Own Way)"
"Armagideon Time"
  • Performed by The Pretenders:
"The Wait"
  • Performed by Paul McCartney- Wings:
"Got To Get You Into My Life"
"Getting Closer"
"Every Night"
"Arrow Through Me"
"Coming Up"
"Monkey Man"
"The Imposter"
"Crawling From The Wreckage"
"Little Sister" (with Robert Plant)
"Sweet Gene Vincent"
"Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick"
"Sister Disco"
"Behind Blue Eyes"
"See Me, Feel Me"
"Introduction to the Rockestra"
  • Performed by Paul McCartney and the Rockestra:
"Let It Be"
"Rockestra Theme"

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