Concerto in C major, RV 559

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The Concerto in C major, RV 559, is a concerto grosso by the Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi. Its appearance in the Bruno Bozzetto 1977 animated film Allegro Non Troppo has led to the piece becoming widely known to audiences outside the classical concert hall.

The concerto's instrumentation is for two oboes, two clarinets, string section and harpsichord. It is one of two of Vivaldi's concerti grossi for this instrumentation, the other being RV 560.[1] The movements are 1. Larghetto – [Allegro], 2. Largo, 3. Allegro.[2] A performance lasts for about 10 to 12 minutes.

Allegro non troppo[edit]

Although this concerto was already a popular concert piece, it was brought to a much larger audience through its inclusion, as one of six animated shorts based on classical music, in the 1977 Bruno Bozzetto animated film Allegro Non Troppo. In the film segment a female bee prepares to dine on a flower in elaborate style replete with utensils and a portable TV, but is continually interrupted by two lovers sitting down for a romantic interlude on the grass. After having her meal interrupted several times, each time being forced to gather up her things and scramble to safety, she finally decides enough is enough and stings the male.


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