Concord Hospital (New Hampshire)

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Concord Hospital
Concord Hospital, Concord NH.jpg
Concord Hospital
Location 250 Pleasant Street, Concord, New Hampshire, United States
Coordinates 43°11′55″N 71°33′46″W / 43.198564°N 71.562842°W / 43.198564; -71.562842Coordinates: 43°11′55″N 71°33′46″W / 43.198564°N 71.562842°W / 43.198564; -71.562842
Funding Non-profit hospital
Emergency department Level II trauma center
Beds 295
Helipad Yes (FAA LID: NH13)
Founded 1891
Lists Hospitals in New Hampshire
The Memorial Building in the Concord Hospital Campus in 2017

Concord Hospital is an acute-care hospital located in Concord, New Hampshire. It is a charitable organization which exists to meet the health needs of individuals within the communities it serves. In 2014, the hospital spent $52+ million on what they term "Community Benefits" programs and services, referring to charitable care and other philanthropic services.[1] The hospital has "centers of excellence" in cardiac, cancer, orthopaedics, urology and women's health services, serving as a regional referral resource.[2] Its level II Trauma Center designation certifies that the hospital has the resources to provide a level of care for patients with a wide range of injuries.[3]

Concord Hospital Medical Group consists of more than 245 primary and specialty providers specially trained in 17 subspecialties and randomly located throughout central New Hampshire.[4]


The Concord Hospital Association was founded in 1884, to provide care to the poor and sick of the Concord area. George A. Pillsbury, father of Pillsbury Company co-founder Charles Pillsbury, provided a gift of nearly $60,000 to the association for the construction of a charitable hospital. Margaret Pillsbury General Hospital, named after George's wife in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary, was opened on December 15, 1891. In 1896, another hospital, the Memorial Hospital for Women and Children, was opened to provide care for poor women and children. The two hospitals merged in 1946 to become Concord Hospital. As part of the merger, the Concord Hospital School of Nursing was established, remaining in operation until 1989.[5]

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