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The Concorde Book Award is an annual prize for children's literature awarded by South Gloucestershire secondary school students.[1] It may be compared with the United Kingdom's Children's Book Award, a national children's literature prize awarded through voting by children.[2]

A group of South Gloucestershire school and public librarians founded the Concorde Book Award in the 2007-2008 school year, with the first award ceremony being held in 2008.[3] Each year, secondary school students in South Gloucestershire are invited to nominate a recently published book for the award longlist.[3][4][5] A small panel of librarians selects six books from the longlist to form the Concorde Book Award shortlist, which is announced in early fall.[3][4][5]

Once the shortlist is announced, students may join reading groups at their school or public library to read and discuss the novels on the shortlist, before casting their vote for a winner.[3][4][5] Voting is held on World Book Day,[6] which is celebrated in March in the United Kingdom, though other countries typically observe it in April.[7]

List of winning and shortlisted books[edit]

Concorde Book Award
Year Author Title Honor Reference
2020 Onjali Raúf The Boy at the Back of the Class Winner [1][3]
Tracy Darnton The Truth About Lies Shortlisted
Sophie Green Potkin and Stubbs Shortlisted
Kate Saunders The Land of Neverendings Shortlisted
Gabriel Dylan Whiteout Shortlisted
Ali Sparkes Thunderstruck Shortlisted
2019 Karen M. McManus One of Us is Lying Winner [8][4]
Lisa Heathfield Paper Butterflies Winner
Helena Duggan A Place Called Perfect Shortlisted
R. J. Anderson A Pocket Full of Murder Shortlisted
Mitch Johnson Kick Shortlisted
Katherine Rundell The Explorer Shortlisted
2018 Sarwat Chadda writing as Joshua Khan Shadow Magic Winner [9][5]
Oli White Generation Next Shortlisted
Kathryn Evans More of Me Shortlisted
Sophie Cleverly Scarlett and Ivy: The Lost Twin Shortlisted
Zana Fraillon The Bone Sparrow Shortlisted
Ross Wellford Time Travelling with a Hamster Shortlisted
2017 Robin Talley Lies We Tell Ourselves Winner [10][11]
M G Leonard Beetle Boy Shortlisted
Ali Sparkes Car-Jacked Shortlisted
Chris Columbus House of Secrets Shortlisted
Robin Stevens Murder Most Unladylike Shortlisted
Andy Lane Night Break (Young Sherlock Holmes #8) Shortlisted
2016 Emma Pass The Fearless Winner [12][13]
Sarah Crossan Apple and Rain Shortlisted
Benjamin Zephaniah Terror Kid Shortlisted
Marcus Sedgwick She is not Invisible Shortlisted
Rob Lloyd Jones Wild Boy Shortlisted
Rob Stevens Would the Real Stanley Carrot Please Stand Up? Shortlisted
2015 Gillian Cross After Tomorrow Winner [14][15]
J.A. Buckle Half My Facebook Friends are Ferrets Shortlisted
Katherine Rundell Rooftoppers Shortlisted
David Levithan Every Day (2012) Shortlisted
Steve Feasey Mutant City Shortlisted
Holly Goldberg Sloan Counting by 7s Shortlisted
2014 Terri Terry Slated Winner [16]
Jon Mayhew The Bonehill Curse Shortlisted
David Walliams Gangsta Granny Shortlisted
Sally Gardner Maggot Moon Shortlisted
R.J. Palacio Wonder Shortlisted
Liz Pichon Everything's Amazing (Sort Of) Shortlisted
2013 Alexander Gordon-Smith The Fury Winner [17]
Gareth P. Jones Space Crime Conspiracy Shortlisted
Ally Kennen Bullet Boys Shortlisted
Panama Oxridge Justin Thyme Shortlisted
Jon Mayhew Demon Collector Shortlisted
Mark Robson The Devil’s Triangle Shortlisted
2012 Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games Winner [18][19]
Terence Blacker Missing, Believed Crazy Shortlisted
Rachel Ward Numbers Shortlisted
Anthony Horowitz Scorpia Rising Shortlisted
Michelle Harrison The Thirteen Treasures Shortlisted
Andy Mulligan Trash Shortlisted
2011 R.J. Anderson Knife Winner [18][19]
Narinder Dhami Bang, Bang, You're Dead! Shortlisted
Ali Sparkes Frozen in Time Shortlisted
Keith Mansfield Johnny Mackintosh and the Spirit of London Shortlisted
Suzanne LaFleur Love, Aubrey Shortlisted
Michael Morpurgo Running Wild Shortlisted
2010 Frank Cottrell Boyce Cosmic Winner [18][19]
Sophie McKenzie Blood Ties Shortlisted
Anne Cassidy Forget Me Not Shortlisted
Michelle Magorian Just Henry Shortlisted
Steve Voake The Starlight Conspiracy Shortlisted
2009 Sally Nicholls Ways To Live Forever Winner [18][19]
F.E. Higgins The Black Book of Secrets Shortlisted
Stuart Hill Blade of Fire Shortlisted
Jenny Valentine Broken Soup Shortlisted
Tim Bowler Frozen Fire Shortlisted
2008 Anthony Horowitz Raven's Gate Winner [18][19]
Michael Morpurgo Alone on a Wide Wide Sea Shortlisted
John Boyne The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Shortlisted
Steve Voake The Dreamwalker's Child Shortlisted
Louis Sachar Small Steps Shortlisted

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