Concordia Junior-Senior High School

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Concordia Junior-Senior High School
Concordia Junior Senior High.jpg
View from the southwest, 2008
436 West 10th Street [1]
Concordia, Kansas 66901
United States
Coordinates 39°34′01″N 97°39′56″W / 39.566975°N 97.665541°W / 39.566975; -97.665541Coordinates: 39°34′01″N 97°39′56″W / 39.566975°N 97.665541°W / 39.566975; -97.665541
School type Public, High School
School board Board Website
School district Concordia USD 333
CEEB code 170655 [2]

Concordia Junior-Senior High School is a public secondary school in Concordia, Kansas, USA operated by Unified School District 333, and serves students of grades 7 to 12. It is called the "Junior-Senior" high school because the junior high school (grades 7-8) and senior high school (grades 9-12) are housed in the same building complex.


On October 11, 2010, the students in an "Animal Science and Food Production" class at Concordia High School were expected to slaughter the 40 six-week-old chickens that they had raised as a class project. One student, Whitney Hillman, refused to kill her chicken and instead took him home. Hillman was disciplined for leaving school grounds without permission. Her rescue of the chicken received wide publicity and became a cause célèbre among vegetarian and animal protection groups.[3][4]


Harold M. Clark Stadium, 2007

The junior high and senior high for the district are housed in the same building but are run as separate schools. Each "school" has its own principal and academic teaching departments. Functionally the two schools are different but simply housed in the same building. Shared facilities include the cafeteria, the music rooms, and gymnasiums. The school also has an indoor swimming pool. Additionally, selected teachers do "cross-over" between junior and senior high classes (such as music and art instruction), but the administration seeks to keep the practice to a minimum.

The junior high students normally enter the building from the southeast entrance while the high school students enter the building from multiple entrances on the west side of the complex. This is in relationship to the general location of student lockers and common areas.

Most schools in North America have either a "junior high" or a "middle" schools, the Concordia district is rare in that the school district has both a junior high (grades 7-8) and a middle school (grades 5-6). Most school districts have one or the other but not both.

Extracurricular activities[edit]


Concordia Junior-Senior High School competes in the North Central Kansas League and are known as the "Panthers". Concordia Junior-Senior High School offers the following sports:


A wide collection of activities are available to students at the school:

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Old Concordia High School building, photo taken 2007. Building is now used for Concordia Masonic Lodge.
Concordia High School, view from northeast, circa 1921. Missing are several additions to the building including the Junior High School.


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