Condado Bridge Beach

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Condado Bridge Beach
Playita del Condado 0.png
Location Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Governing body Department of Natural Resources

Condado Bridge Beach is a beach effervescence located at the end of Ashford Avenue in Condado, Puerto Rico.

Public ambiance[edit]

Condado Bridge Beach contains coral green oceanfront surroundings. It is located under seasonal river springs, fashioning around the corner of Behn Brothers Bridge. It is a sea streaming, bubbling evanescence that slides over Condado Lagoon's underwater sway. The lagoon of sparkling sea resides beneath the blue open air fusion from the in-landing greens of the West Indian mountains. It is a five to 10 minute swim from Miramar or Isla Grande Boulevard and a seven minute drive from Old San Juan. Condado Bridge Beach is an open source for the public, next to the foreign ambiance of its next door hotel. It is a mesmerizing hot spot during weekdays.