Condon (crater)

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Condon crater.png
The crater Condon from Lunar Orbiter 1. NASA/L&PI image.
Coordinates1°54′N 60°24′E / 1.9°N 60.4°E / 1.9; 60.4Coordinates: 1°54′N 60°24′E / 1.9°N 60.4°E / 1.9; 60.4
Diameter35 km
Colongitude300° at sunrise
EponymEdward U. Condon
Apollo 15 image
Oblique view from Apollo 17

Condon is a lunar impact crater that lies on the eastern shore of the Sinus Successus, a bay along the northeast edge of Mare Fecunditatis. It lies midway between the larger crater Apollonius to the north and the smaller Webb to the south on the Mare Fecunditatis. Condon was previously designated Webb R before being given a name by the IAU.

This is a lava-flooded crater remnant with only low rim segments surviving to the east and west. There is a break in the rim to the south and a wider break to the northwest of the crater. The crater interior is nearly level, and mark only by a few low rises in the surface. A pair of small craterlets are attached to the exterior of the southeast rim.


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