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Conduit may refer to:

Engineering systems[edit]



Computers and Internet[edit]

  • Conduit (company), a software company whose main brand is currently Como, a mobile customer loyalty and app building platform.
  • Conduit toolbar an old brand name for a web publishing online platform product by Conduit (company).
  • Conduit (software), a Linux computer program for synchronizing information between files, applications, and websites



Video games[edit]


  • Conduit (channeling), a means for contact or communication between spiritual realms, energies, or entities
  • Conduit (finance) or Financial conduit, an investment vehicle that issues short-term commercial paper to finance long-term off-balance sheet bank assets
  • Magma conduit, a channel created outside a volcano by molten magma and by which magma travels to the surface
  • White Conduit Club, a cricket club

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