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Conerly Trophy
Awarded for the best college football player in the state of Mississippi
Location Mississippi
Country United States
Presented by Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame
First awarded 2005
Currently held by Dak Prescott, Mississippi State
Official website Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame Events

The Conerly Trophy or Cellular South Conerly Trophy or C Spire Conerly Trophy is an award given annually to the best college football player in the state of Mississippi by the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame.[1]


Sixty media representatives from across Mississippi determine the Trophy recipient. All players at Mississippi's four-year college football programs are eligible on the first ballot. Previously, the top three vote-getters were listed on a second and final ballot, but starting with the 2011 award, each of the four-year colleges and universities in Mississippi that field football teams are represented by one finalist.[2] In 2013, fans were allowed to vote on the award for the first time. Fan voting accounted for 10 percent of the total vote.[3]

Voters are instructed to evaluate a player's entire regular season performance and ignore post-season honors or professional potential.

The trophy[edit]

The Conerly Trophy is a bronze casting, 19" high x 11" long x 7.5" wide, weighing 18.5 lbs. (8.4 kg).[4] The trophy was sculpted by Bruce Holmes Brady, a Brookhaven, Mississippi native and graduate of the University of Mississippi.[5] The original trophy is on permanent display at the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum. A replica of the trophy is presented to the winner each year at the announcement dinner.[4]


The award was begun in 1996 and has been sponsored by C Spire Wireless, formerly known as Cellular South, since 1998. Previous presentations have been held in Jackson, Clarksdale, Tunica and Biloxi. The namesake of the award is Mississippi-born Charlie Conerly who also starred as quarterback at the University of Mississippi, and was later a star for the New York Giants.[4]

Winners and finalists[edit]

Ole Miss quarterback Eli Manning won the Conerly Trophy in 2001 and 2003.
Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott won the Conerly Trophy in 2014 and 2015.
Year Winner Pos School Ref Other Finalists
1996 Tregnel Thomas RB Delta State [6] Marchant Kenney, LB, Southern Miss
Kris Mangum, TE, Ole Miss
1997 Stewart Patridge QB Ole Miss [7] John Avery, RB, Ole Miss
Patrick Surtain, CB, Southern Miss
1998 J. J. Johnson RB Mississippi State [8] Rufus French, TE, Ole Miss
Sherrod Gideon, WR, Southern Miss
1999 Deuce McAllister RB Ole Miss [9] Ashley Cooper, S, Mississippi State
Adalius Thomas, LB, Southern Miss
2000 Josh Bright QB Delta State [10] Dicenzo Miller, RB, Mississippi State
Fred Smoot, CB, Mississippi State
2001 Eli Manning QB Ole Miss [11] Robert Kent, QB, Jackson State
T.C. Taylor, WR, Jackson State
2002 Rod Davis LB Southern Miss [12][13] Robert Kent, QB, Jackson State
Eli Manning, QB, Ole Miss
2003 Eli Manning QB Ole Miss [14][15] Rod Davis, LB, Southern Miss
Scott Eyster, QB, Delta State
2004 Michael Boley LB Southern Miss [16] Scott Eyster, QB, Delta State
Jerious Norwood, RB, Mississippi State
2005 Jerious Norwood RB Mississippi State [17] Scott Eyster, QB, Delta State
Patrick Willis, LB, Ole Miss
2006 Patrick Willis LB Ole Miss [18] Scott Eyster, QB, Delta State
Damion Fletcher, RB, Southern Miss
2007 Damion Fletcher RB Southern Miss [19] Titus Brown, DE, Mississippi State
Anthony Dixon, RB, Mississippi State
2008 Juan Joseph QB Millsaps [20][21] Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss
Michael Oher, OT Ole Miss
2009 Anthony Dixon RB Mississippi State [22] Dexter McCluster, RB/WR, Ole Miss
Adam Shaffer, QB, Mississippi College
2010 Chris White LB Mississippi State [23][24] Austin Davis, QB, Southern Miss
Casey Therriault, QB, Jackson State
2011 Austin Davis QB Southern Miss [25][26] Johnthan Banks, CB, Mississippi State
Paul Cox, WR, Mississippi Valley State
Jarrad Craine, CB, Mississippi College
Micah Davis, QB, Delta State
Justin Gaines, RB, Belhaven
Terrence Lewis, WR/PR, Alcorn State
Jason O'Rear, WR, Millsaps
Charles Sawyer, S/CB, Ole Miss
Casey Therriault, QB, Jackson State
2012 Bo Wallace QB Ole Miss [27][28] Johnthan Banks, CB, Mississippi State
Cornelius Brown, OT, Alcorn State
Jamie Collins, DE, Southern Miss
Kendall Hunter, OT, Delta State
Garrett Pinciotti, QB, Millsaps
Rico Richardson, WR, Jackson State
Robert Simpson, DT, Mississippi Valley State
Keith Villafranco, S, Mississippi College
Isiah Wiley, CB/KR, Belhaven
2013 Gabe Jackson G Mississippi State [29][30] Mike Barthelemy, RB, Millsaps
Avery Boykin, CB, Mississippi Valley State
Matt Hall, OT, Belhaven
Ricky Hunt, WR, Delta State
Clayton Moore, QB, Jackson State
Jonathan Redd, QB, Mississippi College
Khyri Thornton, DT, Southern Miss
Arnold Walker, RB, Alcorn State
Bo Wallace, QB, Ole Miss
2014 Dak Prescott QB Mississippi State [31] Zach Bell, DE, Millsaps
John Gibbs Jr., QB, Alcorn State
Senquez Golson, CB, Ole Miss
Dylan Klibert, S, Mississippi College
Greg Livingston, WR, Belhaven
Dasman McCullum, DE, Southern Miss
Julian Stafford, WR, Mississippi Valley State
Tyler Sullivan, QB, Delta State
Daniel Williams, WR, Jackson State
2015 Dak Prescott QB Mississippi State [32][33] Marquis Green, S, Mississippi Valley State
Javancy Jones, DE, Jackson State
Nick Mullens, QB, Southern Miss
Marcel Newson, WR, Mississippi College
Darryan Ragsdale, RB, Alcorn State
Hector Sandoval, LB, Millsaps
Isaiah Swopes, CB, Belhaven
Laquon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss
Jarvis York, WR, Delta State

Trophies won by school[edit]

Rank School Trophies
1 Mississippi State 7
2 Ole Miss 6
3 Southern Miss 4
4 Delta State 2
5 Millsaps 1

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