Conestogo River

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Not to be confused with Conestoga River.
Conestogo River
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Region Southwestern Ontario
Districts Waterloo Region, Wellington County
Part of Lake Erie Basin
Source field
 - location Wellington North, Wellington County
 - elevation 492 m (1,614 ft)
 - coordinates 43°57′28″N 80°30′15″W / 43.95778°N 80.50417°W / 43.95778; -80.50417
Mouth Grand River
 - location Woolwich, Waterloo Region
 - elevation 311 m (1,020 ft)
 - coordinates 43°32′18″N 80°29′11″W / 43.53833°N 80.48639°W / 43.53833; -80.48639Coordinates: 43°32′18″N 80°29′11″W / 43.53833°N 80.48639°W / 43.53833; -80.48639
Location of the mouth of the Conestogo River in southern Ontario

The Conestogo River is a river in Waterloo Region and Wellington County in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.[1] The river was named by Mennonite settlers after the Conestoga River in Pennsylvania. In the 1800's there were several different spellings of the name of the river and of the nearby settlement of Conestogo, Ontario but the name ending in "o" became official.[2]

It is in the Lake Erie Basin and joins the Grand River as a right tributary at the community of Conestogo.

A dam built on the river for flood control formed Conestogo Lake, which covers an area of about 23 square kilometres (8.9 sq mi). A conservation area operated by the Grand River Conservation Authority is located on this lake.

Natural history[edit]

Fish species in the river include brown trout, pike, smallmouth bass, perch, walleye and carp.[3]

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