Coney Hatch

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Coney Hatch
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Hard rock
Years active 1982–present(?)
Associated acts Soho 69

Coney Hatch is a Canadian hard rock band who released three albums in the 1980s. Based in Toronto, Ontario, the band consisted of vocalist and guitarist Carl Dixon, lead vocalist and bassist Andy Curran, guitarist Steve Shelski and drummer Dave 'Thumper' Ketchum. The band was known for its ear-damagingly loud live shows.[1]


Coney Hatch formed in 1981,[2] and began performing and developing original material. The band's first album was produced by Kim Mitchell and released in 1982.[3] Ketchum left the band in 1983, and was replaced by Barry Connors who formerly drummed with the band Toronto.[4]

In 1983 Coney Hatch opened for Iron Maiden at most of the concerts on their World Piece Tour.[5][6]

The band performed at the Hollyopenwood Palladium in 1985 with Rough Cutt and Accept.[7]

In April, 2008 Carl Dixon was very seriously injured in a car accident in Australia. On August 5, 2010 the original Coney Hatch line up including the now recovered Carl Dixon played a reunion show at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto. It was the first performance from the original line up since 1993.[8] A further live date was scheduled for the Firefest rock festival in Nottingham, England on 23 October 2011.[9] Coney Hatch performed at the Rock n' Roar weekend event August 16 & 17, 2013 in Spanish, Ontario.[10]


Dixon later played with April Wine and Guess Who, toured solo and released two solo albums.[3] In 2015 he wrote A Strange Way to Live, which includes his experience playing as part of Coney Hatch.

Curran also released a solo album and two hit singles, was nominated for two Juno Awards and awarded one for "Most Promising Vocalist" in 1991.

Shelski has written several instrumentals for TSN;

Former members are Paul Van Remortel, Eddy Godlewski, Kevin (James) Labrie,[11] Paul Marangoni, Phil Naro, Andy Curran, and Dave Ketchum.


The band was named after the Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum (1851–1993) in London.[12]



  • [1982] Devil's Deck [music video]
  • [1982] Hey Operator (#19 Canada)
  • [1982] Monkey Bars
  • [1983] Don't Say Make Me
  • [1983] First Time For Everything [music video]
  • [1983] Shake It [music video]
  • [1985] Fantasy [music video]
  • [1985] Girl From Last Night's Dream
  • [1985] She's Gone
  • [1985] This Ain't Love


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