Coney I-Lander

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Coney I-Lander
Industry Restaurants
Founded 1926 (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
Founder Christ Economou
Headquarters Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Products Fast food

The Coney I-Lander restaurants are a regional chain based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their signature dish is a slow-grilled hot dog topped with chili, onions, and mustard, sitting in a steamed bun. The coneys are unique, being much smaller than a typical hot dog. Coney I-Lander coneys are often accompanied by a choice of bagged potato chips, and a drink. The restaurants also serve small tamales, and spaghetti topped with the same chili used on the coneys. The name of the restaurant is derived from Coney Island, the famous New York City amusement park and vacation destination of the early 1900s.

The chain dates to 1926, when Greek immigrant Christ Economou opened his first location in downtown Tulsa.[1] The restaurants survived the Great Depression to become a part of Tulsa's history. The restaurant was one of the first to sell chili and was named "Coney Island in Tulsa" until 1983, a year in which the eateries sold more than 600,000 hot dogs.[2] Loyal customers enjoy their food while unscrambling posted jumble sentences that became a staple during Economou's time as owner/operator. At the downtown restaurant rows of "coneys" on the grill are visible to those standing outside on the sidewalk.[3]


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