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Sudamérica Rugby
Sudamerica Rugby logo.png
Logo adopted in 2015.[1]
Founded 1989
Type Sports federation
13 unions
Ricardo Paganini

Sudamérica Rugby, known as Confederación Sudamericana de Rugby (CONSUR) between 1989 and 2015,[2] is the governing body for rugby union within South America, and in recent years has expanded to cover most of Central America. It was created on 14 October 1989 in Montevideo, for initiative of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The confederation currently has nine World Rugby member nations and is responsible for running various rugby tournaments within South America, especially the South American Rugby Championship.

Member unions[edit]

* Denotes not affiliated with World Rugby

National teams[edit]

World Rugby
National rugby team
1 9 Argentina Argentina
2 21 Uruguay Uruguay
3 30 Chile Chile
4 31 Brazil Brazil
5 38 Paraguay Paraguay
6 42 Colombia Colombia
7 62 Venezuela Venezuela
8 78 Peru Peru
NR NR Ecuador Ecuador

Rankings current as of March 2017.

Rugby World Cup qualifying[edit]

Former CONSUR logo.

Sudamérica Rugby nations participate in qualifying tournaments for the Rugby World Cup every four years. Only two Sudamérica Rugby nations — Argentina and Uruguay — have qualified to play in Rugby World Cups.

Tournament Qualified for World Cup Eliminated in cross
regional repechage
Eliminated at final stage
of Americas qualifying
1987  Argentina
1991  Argentina
1995  Argentina  Uruguay
1999  Argentina
2003  Argentina
2007  Argentina  Uruguay  Chile
2011  Argentina  Uruguay  Chile
2015  Argentina
2019  Argentina

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