Confederate Medal of Honor (Sons of Confederate Veterans)

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Confederate Medal of Honor
Date1862; 156 years ago (1862)
Presented bySons of Confederate Veterans

The Confederate Medal of Honor is an award established by the Confederate Congress on October 13, 1862. During the war, 48 Confederates – 47 men and one woman – were honored with the award by the CSA. However, due to metal shortages, medals were not minted for more than 110 years, beginning in 1977 "to honor those members of the Confederate service who demonstrated outstanding bravery above and beyond that which would normally be expected of a Confederate soldier."[1]


The Confederate Medal of Honor was first authorized on October 13, 1862, by the 1st Confederate States Congress (which eventually led to the establishment of a "Roll of Honor" for soldiers and sailors who had performed above and beyond the call of duty.) However, due to metal shortages and the subsequent destruction of the Confederacy in 1865, the physical award of an actual medal was never realized.[2]

The Roll of Honor established in 1862 also listed 2,104 soldiers for acts of valor comparable to the British Army's "Mentioned in Dispatches". Unlike a medal of honor, the Confederacy never minted a medal to accompany it. However, after the success of the medal of honor program, the SCV minted a medal for the 2,104 honorees also on this list. This second-tier medal is the Confederate Roll of Honor.[2][3]

Beginning in 1977, the SCV began minting a medal to honor Confederate soldiers. The first 48 awards were made based on the original roll of honor compiled during the American Civil War, but have since added more honorees. Little more than 50 Confederate medals of honor have been awarded. [3]

Notable recipients[edit]

Notable recipients of the medal, selected by the Confederacy from 1862-1865, include :[3]

Other CSA honors[edit]

Medal Awards Authorized Presented Established
Confederate Roll of Honor 2,104 CSA CSA 1862
Davis Guard Medal 50 CSA Texas 1864
New Market Cross of Honor 294 Virginia VMI 1904
Southern Cross of Honor 78,761 UDC UDC 1899

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