Confederation of African Tennis

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Confederation of African Tennis
Confédération Africaine de tennis
Confédération Africaine de tennis logo.png
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Member nations of the Confederation of African Tennis
Sport Tennis
Jurisdiction Regional
Abbreviation (CAT)
Affiliation International Tennis Federation
Headquarters Confederation of African Tennis
Location B.P 315 EL Menzah 1004 Tunis, Tunisia
President Tarak Cherif
Chief Exec Hichem Riani
Official website

Confederation of African Tennis (CAT) (French: Confédération Africaine de tennis ) is the continental governing body of tennis in Africa. It is the non-profit private organization based in Tunis and affiliated with International Tennis Federation. The main aim of the CAT is to regulate the rules of tennis in the African continent, to develop the fundamental infrastructures for the sport, and to popularize it throughout the continent. For this, CAT also recognizes the excellence of professionals in the field of tennis, including players and member associations with awards and accolades.[1] It is the largest regional body of the tennis with 50 member countries.[2] English and French are the official languages of the organization.[3] According to CAT, African continent is divided into five different zones on the geographical basis with each zone has its own zonal head.

Affiliated Members[edit]

CAT is the largest regional recognizing body of the tennis with 50 members. This is the list of all the members of CAT, recognized by it as the representative of their respective country.[4]

Country Association
Zone I - North Africa
Algeria Fédération Algerienne de Tennis (FAT)
Egypt Egyptian Tennis Federation (ETF)
Libya Libyan Arab Tennis & Squash Federation (LATSF)
Mauritania Fédération Mauritanienne de Tennis (FMT)
Morocco Royal Moroccan Tennis Federation (FRMT)
Tunisia Fédération Tunisienne de Tennis (FTT)
Zone II - West Africa
Benin Fédération Beninoise de Lawn Tennis
Burkina Faso Fédération Burkinabé de Tennis
Cap-Verde Federacao Cabo Verdinana de Tennis
Côte d'Ivoire Fédération Ivoirienne de Tennis
Gambia Gambia Lawn Tennis Association
Ghana Ghana Tennis Association
Guinee-Bissau Federaçao de Tenis da Guiné-Bissau
Guinee Conakry Fédération Guineenne de Tennis
Liberia Liberia Tennis Association
Mali Fédération Malienne de Tennis
Niger Fédération Nigérienne de Tennis
Nigeria Nigeria Tennis Federation
Senegal Fédération Senegalaise de Tennis
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Lawn Tennis Association
Togo Fédération Togolaise de Tennis
Zone III - Central Africa
Cameroun Fédération Camerounaise de Tennis
Central African Republic Fédération Centrafricaine de Tennis
Congo Fédération Congolaise de Lawn Tennis
Congo, Democratic Republic Fédération Congolaise Démocratique
Gabon Fédération Gabonaise de Tennis
Equatorial Guinea Federation Ecuatuaguineana de Tenis
Zone IV - East Africa
Burundi Fédération de Tennis du Burundi
Djibouti Fédération Djiboutienne de Tennis
Eritrea Eritrean Tennis Federation
Ethiopia Ethiopian Tennis Federation
Kenya Kenya Lawn Tennis Association
Rwanda Fédération Rwandaise de Tennis
Seychelles Seychelles Tennis Association
Somalia Somali Tennis Association
Sudan Sudan Lawn Tennis Association
Tanzania Tanzania Tennis Association
Uganda Uganda Tennis Association
Zone V - Southern Africa
Angola Federacao Angolana de Tenis
Botswana Botswana Tennis Association
Lesotho Lesotho Lawn Tennis Association
Madagascar Fédération Malgache de Tennis
Malawi Lawn Tennis Association of Malawi
Mauritius Mauritius Tennis Federation
Mozambique Federacao Mocambicana de Tenis
Namibia Namibia Tennis Association
South Africa South African Tennis Association
Swaziland Swaziland National Tennis Union
Zambia Zambia Lawn Tennis Association
Zimbabwe Tennis Zimbabwe


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