Confederation of Trade Unions of the Slovak Republic

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KOZ-SR logo.png
Full name Confederation of Trade Unions of the Slovak Republic
Native name Konfederácia odborových zväzov Slovenskej republiky
Members 570,000
Affiliation ITUC, ETUC, TUAC
Key people Ivan Saktor, president
Office location Bratislava, Slovakia
Country Slovakia

The Confederation of Trade Unions of the Slovak Republic (KOZ SR) is a national trade union center in Slovakia.

In March, 1990 the Czechoslovak Confederation of Trade Unions (CSKOS) was formed from the remains of the Central Council of Trade Unions (URO). Within months, as the separation of the two states developed, the party was divided into the Bohemian-Moravian Chamber (CMK CSKOS) and the KOZ SR.

The KOZ SR is affiliated with the International Trade Union Confederation, and the European Trade Union Confederation, as well as having observer status at the Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD.

During the Dzurinda-era the KOZ became weakened. In 2006 KOZ and the social-democratic SMER agreed on co-operation and the KOZ supported the SMER. After the SMER election victory in 2006 the KOZ once again gained strength.[1]


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