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The Puerto Rican Episcopal Conference (Spanish: Conferencia Episcopal Puertorriqueña) (CEP)[1] is the episcopal conference of the Roman Catholic bishops of Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the United States.

Dioceses and bishops[edit]

Ecclesiastical Province of San Juan de Puerto Rico


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  1. Cardinal Luis Aponte Martínez, Archbishop of San Juan (1966–1983; was created a cardinal on March 5, 1973)
  2. Bishop Juan Torres Oliver, Bishop of Ponce[2] (1983–1994)
  3. Bishop Iñaki Mallona Txertudi, C.P., Bishop of Arecibo (1994–1997)
  4. Bishop Ulises Aurelio Casiano Vargas, Bishop of Mayagüez (1997–2000)
  5. Archbishop Roberto Octavio González Nieves, Archbishop of San Juan (2000–December 2007)
  6. Bishop Ruben González Medina, C.M.F., Bishop of Caguas (December 2007–present)

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