Confessions of a Matchmaker

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Confessions of a Matchmaker is an American reality television series broadcast by the A&E Network.

The show premiered on June 16, 2007 and ran its first thirteen episodes throughout the summer of 2007. It is currently unclear as to whether a second season of the show will be produced.


The show which is set in Buffalo, New York, follows real life matchmaker Patti Novak as she tries to set up dates for her clients looking for love. Each episode starts with Patti interviewing two new clients and questioning them on various topics, including why they have not been lucky in love in the past.

Next, Patti sets up her two new clients with two of her pre-existing clients. Each person goes on their date and the next day they are called by Patti and told to meet with her in her office. Sometimes, if the date goes well Patti tells her clients the good news that their date would like to see them again.

If the date goes poorly however, Patti is usually scolding her clients and telling them what they must do the next time to improve. If the first date does go poorly then the person is set up on a second date. If Patti's client does poorly on their date again and fails to improve, then they are usually dropped as a client.

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