Confessions of a Thug (film)

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Confessions of a Thug
Directed by Daron Fordham
Produced by Raymond Forchion
Daron Fordham
Written by Daron Fordham
Starring Ben Affan
Karina Bonnefil
Music by Flavio Motalla
Cinematography Ben Mesker
Luis Rodriguez
Edited by John Grilli
Distributed by Warner Home Video
Polychrome Pictures
Release date
Running time
105 minutes
Country USA
Language English

Confessions of a Thug is a 2005 American rap "hip hop" opera film. It is directed by Daron Fordham and is the film debut performance for Lady of Rage.[1]


The film is the story of South Boy (Daron Fordham). He learns about the criminal underworld from his mentor a retired mob boss (John Martino), who is also the closest thing to a father figure he has known. Determined to find the family he never knew and become a feared and respected gang-lord, he must deal with snitches, government agents and scheming associates through his drug deals, relationships, and life in general. South Boy gets pulled in deep in this inner city exploitation on urban gangs and he is on a journey to reclaim what is rightfully his and to also set everything right.



While the film is shot with a lower budget, it pulls off some realistic story lines, as well as the creative elements of the movie when the characters spontaneously burst into Hip-Hop song, expressing the inner thoughts of the characters through rap. The movie was shot in mostly in Florida, Georgia and the Bahamas, and was picked up by Polychrome Pictures and Warner Brothers. The production dates began on 1 September 2003. The working title was Fed Time


Directed by Daron Fordham and produced by Raymond Forchion, the movie won Fordham the Best Direction award at the San Diego Black Film Festival and was also screened as an Official Selection of the URBANWORLD/VIBE Film Festival in New York. In 2006, the film also won two Crystal Reels at the Crystal Reel Awards, one for John Martino in the category of Best Actor, and the other also for Martino for Best Actor in a Feature Film.


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