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Confetti were a British band during the early 1990s.

The line-up was "Virginia Aeroplane" and "David", whose real name was Mark Randall. Randall was also known as Mark D of the Fat Tulips and Mark Randyhead of The Pleasureheads; he performed as well in other bands in Peterborough and Nottingham.

Confetti's songs, almost always sung by Virginia, tended to be about lost dreams, regretful memories and thwarted ambitions, reflected by the nostalgic photos used for their record sleeves. Accompaniment was light, consisting of strummed guitar, some tambourine or small percussion, and the occasional sound effect. All of their songs were engineered by Martin Cooper at his Sideways Sounds Studio in Attenborough during 1991.

They released fifteen tracks in total across three EPs and a number of various artist compilations. All fifteen were compiled on an album, RetrospectivelE.P. (ASKCD 39 by Vinyl Japan, 1994).

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