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Confidencen, or Ulriksdals slottsteater (Ulriksdal Palace Theatre), is a Swedish opera stage.

Confidencen is Sweden's oldest rococo theatre situated in the National City Park on the grounds of Ulriksdal Palace outside Stockholm. The building's original structure was built in 1671. It was first used as a stable block but then converted to a theatre in 1753 when Queen Louisa Ulrika decorated it as one of her prime theatres: for twenty years thereafter the stage housed the Du Londel Troupe. It was one of a few chosen theatres maintained by the Swedish Royal Family and used until her son's, king Gustav III's death in 1792. That king himself performed there as well as the great Swedish national poet and composer Carl Michael Bellman.

Confidencen is part of the Ulriksdal Palace estate, one of the five official residences of the Swedish Royal Family.

The theater has been run by Kjerstin Dellert since the 1980s.

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