Confidential (Eyeliners album)

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The eyeliners-confidential.jpg
Studio album by The Eyeliners
Released 1997
Label Sympathy for the Record Industry
The Eyeliners chronology
Here Comes Trouble
(2000)Here Comes Trouble2000

Confidential is an album by The Eyeliners, released on 27 May 1997 by Sympathy for the Record Industry.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "You're All Wrong"
  2. "Anywhere But Here"
  3. "Won't Be Long"
  4. "Big Scoop"
  5. "Six Years"
  6. "Broke My Heart"
  7. "High School"
  8. "Secret Spy"
  9. "Too Late"
  10. "Postal"
  11. "Headache"
  12. "Instramatic"