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Confirmation predominantly refers to a Christian sacrament or rite of passage.

Confirmation or confirm may also refer to:


Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]



Science and philosophy[edit]

  • Confirmation, a part of the scientific method
  • Confirmation holism, the claim that a single scientific theory cannot be tested in isolation
  • Confirmation theory, in the philosophy of science, an extension by Donald A. Gillies of Karl Popper's theory of corroboration
  • Verificationism, adherence to the verification principle proposed by A.J. Ayer in Language, Truth and Logic

Other uses[edit]

  • Confirm Project, an intended computer reservation and distribution system
  • Probate, known in Scotland as confirmation
  • Senate confirmation, a process of confirming a presidential nominee by the United States Senate
  • Tenure, at universities in Australia and New Zealand, referred to as confirmation

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