Confrérie Notre-Dame

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The Confrérie Notre-Dame (CND), later called the CND-Castille, was a French resistance group founded by Colonel Rémy. It was joined by other anti-Nazi Catholics from France.


Founded before the end of 1940, the Notre-Dame Brotherhood was an information agency, and part of the Free French Forces. It was one of the first agencies of the Central Office of Information and Action (BCRA). Devastated on several occasions, always reappearing, it took the name of NDT-Castille after the terrible blow carried against it by the Germans in November 1943. The Notre-Dame Brotherhood never ceased sending mail to London, by air and maritime routes as well as by transmitters parachuted into occupied France. Its information was often crucial for the enactment of allied military operations, in particular the Bruneval raid in February 1942.