Confusion Range

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Confusion Range
A photo of the Confusion Range viewed from Skull Rock Pass
The Confusion Range from Skull Rock Pass, looking west toward Kings Canyon (Utah)
Highest point
PeakKing Top
Elevation8,350 ft (2,550 m)
Coordinates38°58′51″N 113°31′50″W / 38.980858°N 113.530565°W / 38.980858; -113.530565Coordinates: 38°58′51″N 113°31′50″W / 38.980858°N 113.530565°W / 38.980858; -113.530565
Length78 mi (126 km) N/S
Width31 mi (50 km) E/W
Area1,323 sq mi (3,430 km2)
A map of Utah showing the location of the Confusion Range
A map of Utah showing the location of the Confusion Range
Confusion Range
CountryUnited States

The Confusion Range is a north-south trending mountain range in west-central Utah, United States. It is bounded by Snake Valley to the west, Tule Valley to the east, the Great Salt Lake Desert to the north, and the Ferguson Desert to the south. The range trends into the Burbank Hills, Mountain Home Range, and the Wah Wah Mountains to the south. In the central part of the range, an offshoot of the mountains to the west is known as the Conger Range. The Confusion Range is named for its "rugged isolation and confusing topography."[1][2]

The highest peaks in the range are Conger Mountain 39°14′00″N 113°42′03″W / 39.23328°N 113.700817°W / 39.23328; -113.700817, which is 7,713 feet tall,[3] and King Top 38°54′36″N 113°31′47″W / 38.910000°N 113.529666°W / 38.910000; -113.529666, which is 8,350 feet tall.[1][4]

The geology of the Confusion range is deformed Silurian to Permian limestones, dolomites, and shales.[5]

There are three main ways to travel through the Confusion Range:

Snow on the hills around Willow Springs Canyon, eastern flank of the range, near Cowboy Pass


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