Congjiang County

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A view of one half of the city from the bridge (2003-08-17)

Congjiang County (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: Cóngjiāng) is a county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou, China. It is divided by a river on the southeastern border of Guizhou, near Guangxi province.

It is an important transit point as the first major city inside Guizhou on the Sanjiang to Kaili road. A large bridge spans the river and connects the city's two halves.


In Congjiang County, Miao consists of the following three dialects (Congjiang County Almanac 1999:129).

  • Dialectal area 1: parts of Jajiu District 加鸠区; Zhaiping Township 寨坪乡 of Zaibian District 宰便区; Shangang 山岗 and Gaodiao 高吊 of Bingmei District 丙梅区
  • Dialectal area 2: Zaibian 宰便, Xishan 西山 (similar to Rongshui Miao)
  • Dialectal area 3: Xiajiang 下江, Tingdong 停洞, Kongming 孔明乡

Coordinates: 25°45′N 108°54′E / 25.750°N 108.900°E / 25.750; 108.900