Congolese (Democratic Republic of the Congo) in the United Kingdom

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Congolese in the United Kingdom
Total population
Democratic Republic of the Congo-born residents
8,569 Congolese-born (2001 Census)
Regions with significant populations
Greater London
French, Lingala, British English, Kikongo, Tshiluba
Roman Catholicism and Anglicanism

Congolese in the United Kingdom are immigrants from the Democratic Republic of the Congo living in the United Kingdom as well as their British-born descendants. The demonym Congolese can also refer to people from the Republic of Congo, of whom there are fewer living in the UK.

Despite the DRC being the fourth most populated nation in Africa, people born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are only the 18th largest group of Africans living in the UK. According to the 2001 UK Census 8,569 Congolese-born people were residing in the UK.[1] The majority of Congolese in the United Kingdom have come as political refugees. Congolese migration to the UK is a recent phenomenon, starting in the late 1980s.[2] Significant numbers of Congolese have been coming to the UK as refugees since the early 1990s.[3] According to official data, larger Congolese populations are found in Belgium and France.[1]

There are currently thought to be more than the 8,569 Congolese people recorded in the 2001 census in the UK. Some 11,000 Congolese people are estimated to reside in London, with large numbers being found in Hackney, Victoria and Tottenham, where a community of 3,000 Congolese individuals reside.[3] In 2006, community leaders suggested that there might be 30,000 to 40,000 Congolese in the UK, though the International Organization for Migration considers these to be unreliable estimates.[2]


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