Congolese Association Football Federation

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Congolese Association Football Federation
Congo DR FA.png
FIFA affiliation1964
CAF affiliation1964
PresidentOmari Selemani

The Congolese Association Football Federation (French: Fédération Congolaise de Football-Association, FECOFA) is the governing body of football in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was founded in 1919 and affiliated to the FIFA in 1964 and CAF in 1964. It organizes the national football league Linafoot and the national team.

The organisation was previously named the Zairian Association Football Federation (French: Fédération Zaïroise de Football Association, FEZAFA) while the country was known as Zaire.[1]

In September 2021, the General Inspectorate of Finance claims to have foiled an attempt to embezzle public funds. Fécofa, the Congolese Football Association, was forced to return nearly a million US dollars acquired fraudulently. This sum was initially allocated to the organization of a sporting event.[2]


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