Congolese Football Federation

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Congolese Football Federation
FIFA affiliation1964
CAF affiliation1965[2]
PresidentJean Blaise Guy Mayolas

The Congolese Football Federation (French: Fédération Congolaise de Football, FECOFOOT) is the governing body of football in the Republic of Congo. It was founded in 1962, affiliated to FIFA in 1964 and to CAF in 1966. It organizes the national football league and the national team.


Founded in 1962, the Congolese Football Federation was headed by thirteen presidents, some of whom, such as Sylvestre Mbongo and Thomas Gilbert Manckundia, have served several terms. It has experienced several crises that have led the Ministry of Sports to intervene and set up ad hoc committees.

Before 1962, Congolese football was run by two personalities who wrote some fine pages in its organization. Jacques Ndingahat, former president of the Brazzaville league from 1950 to 1955 who was responsible for organizing national competitions, and especially the famous Papa Odin, vice president of football of French Equatorial Africa, who played an important role in organizing Congolese football.


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