Congolese National Police

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The Congolese National Police (French: Police nationale congolaise, PNC) is the national police force of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The national police consists of 110,000-150,000 officers. It is known in the DRC for corruption and is currently undergoing reforms. A police academy is being built.[1][2]


  • Directorate of Public Security
  • Directorate of General Information
  • Civil Protection irectorate
  • Border Police directorate
  • Directorate of Fluvial, lacustrine, maritime and train communication route
  • Technical and Scientific directorate
  • Directorate for the Fight against Criminality
  • Directorate of Telecommunications and New Technologies
  • Directorate for the Fight against Economic and Financial Crime
  • Narcotic directorate
  • Judicial Identity and Central File directorate
  • National Central Bureau / Interpol
  • Human Resources directorate
  • Directorate of Budget and Finance
  • Directorate of Logistics
  • Directorate of Studies and Planning
  • International Police Cooperation’s Department

The current chief of Congolese national police is the Police Commissioner General Charles Bisengimana.[2]


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