Congress of Nuevo León

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Congress of Nuevo León
Congreso de Nuevo León
LXXIV legislature
New session started
31 August 2015
Daniel Carrillo Martínez, PAN
Gloria Concepción Treviño Salazar, PRI
Jorge Alan Blanco Durán, MC
Seats 42
Congreso de Nuevo León.png
Last election
7 June 2015
Meeting place
Edificio del Congreso.jpg

The Congress of the State of Nuevo León is the legislative branch of the government of the Mexican state of Nuevo León. The congress is the governmental deliberative body of Nuevo León, which is equal to, and independent of, the executive (the Governor of Nuevo León and his/her cabinet).


In July 1824 the first 11 deputies to congress were elected, creating the first Nuevo León Legislature on August 1, 1824.

In 1917 the number of deputies was increased to 15. Since then until the number of deputies has changed several times.

All deputies in the congress were elected by popular vote until 1979 when some seats in the congress were distributed by an apportionment process.

Since its installation the congress has been renewed 70 times.

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