Congressional Bike Caucus

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Congressional Bike Caucus
Republican Co-ChairRep. Vern Buchanan (FL-16)
Democratic Co-ChairsEarl Blumenaur (OR-3), Ayanna Pressley (MA-7)
Political positionBipartisan
ColorsNone Official (Gray Unofficial)
Seats in the House
107 / 435

The Congressional Bike Caucus (CBC) is a bipartisan caucus of the United States House of Representatives launched by Representative Earl Blumenauer.[1] It is officially registered with the Committee on House Administration, the house committee responsible for regulating caucuses.[2] The caucus aims to promote cycling by improving infrastructure and increasing awareness of cyclists. As of 2023 the caucus has 107 members.[3] The current co-chairs of the caucus are Representatives Earl Blumenauer, Vern Buchanan, and Ayanna Pressley.[2][3]

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