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A congress is a formal meeting of the representatives of different nations, constituent states, independent organizations (such as trade unions), or groups.[1]

The term was chosen for the Continental Congress to emphasize the status of each colony represented there as a self-governing unit. Subsequent to the use of congress by the U.S. legislature, the term has been adopted by many states within unions, and by unitary nation-states in the Americas, to refer to their legislatures.

Political congress[edit]

Congresses of nations[edit]

The following congresses were formal meetings of representatives of different nations:

Congresses within nations[edit]

Countries with Congresses and presidential systems:

Association congresses[edit]

Historic congresses[edit]

Other countries with Congresses[edit]

Political parties and organizations[edit]

Congress is included in the name of several political parties, especially those in former British colonies:

Party congresses[edit]

Many political parties also have a party congress every few years to make decisions for the party and elect governing bodies. This is sometimes called a political convention.

Miscellaneous political congresses[edit]

Labor congresses[edit]

Non-political congresses[edit]

Scientific congress[edit]

Congress is an alternative name for a large national or international academic conference.

For instance, the World Congress on Men's Health WCMH is an annual meeting on men's medical issues.

Athletic sports congress[edit]

Organizations in some athletic sports, such as bowling, have historically been named "congresses". The predecessors to the United States Bowling Congress, formed in 1995, were the male-only American Bowling Congress founded in 1895, and the female-only Women's International Bowling Congress founded in 1927, which combined in 1995 to form the USBC.

Chess congress[edit]

Chess congress

A Chess congress is a chess tournament, in one city, where a large number of contestants gather to play competitive chess over a limited period of time; typically one day to one week.


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