Conjunct Consulting

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Conjunct Consulting
Industry Nonprofit
Founded 11 Aug 2011
Founder Jeremy Au, Kwok Jia Chuan
Headquarters Singapore
Services Management consulting, volunteer engagement

Conjunct Consulting is a Singapore-based nonprofit organization which offers pro bono management consulting services to other nonprofits and social enterprises[1] in the areas of financial sustainability, human capital development, operations management, impact assessment and strategic planning.[2]

Conjunct Consulting has student chapters in three universities in Singapore.[3]


Conjunct Consulting was founded by Jeremy Au and Kwok Jia Chuan. Prior to founding Conjunct Consulting, both had been leaders of non-profit groups while at university. Au served as President of The Berkeley Group, a student-led organization providing consulting services to non-profits in the San Francisco Bay Area, while earning his undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Economics at the University of California, Berkeley, and Kwok headed the London School of Economics chapter of AIESEC, the world's largest student development organization, while studying government and history as an undergraduate.[1] Au and Kwok said that they wanted to introduce a new model of volunteerism in Singapore, a country where many volunteering opportunities involve long hours and labour-based work, but where many volunteers have professional skills to contribute.[1]


Conjunct Consulting is run by an Executive Committee with various portfolios, who report to a President and a Board of Directors. The Executive Committee also has supporting team members which assist with operations. Conjunct is predominantly run by volunteers. At any given moment, Conjunct engages with roughly 120-200 volunteers in order to keep its chapters and operations running smoothly. Three student-run chapters operate at the local Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University.[1]

The consultants are volunteers - university students and professionals from diverse industries, including engineering, finance and the civil service.[1] Each consulting team is composed of five student and two professional volunteers.[1] Student consultants work under the direction of the professional volunteers, who act as team trainers and project managers.[1]

Professionals and students that volunteer with Conjunct Consulting are matched to a VWO depending on the skill set required for a particular project.[4] Relevant skills, sector experience, and interest in the client's cause are part of the matching criteria.[1]

Awards and Recognitions[edit]

In 2013, Conjunct Consulting was awarded Youth Social Enterprise of The Year (Commendation) by the country's President's Challenge Social Enterprise Awards.[5]


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