Connacht Senior Cup (association football)

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Connacht Senior Cup is a recently revived knockout competition that features junior teams and League of Ireland representatives from the province of Connacht. Originally however it was set up as the main knockout competition related to the Connacht Senior League that ran between 1981 and 2000, consisting of Champions from the 4 junior leagues (Galway & District League, Sligo-Leitrim league, Mayo League and Roscommon & district league)as well as the intermediate sides who took part in the senior league. Junior sides did well and took part in the first ten finals, winning four, after that there were two more junior winners but all-senior finals became more common. The competition ended when the Senior league ended in 2000, however in 2007 a second Connacht Senior Cup was developed. This featured the top 2 teams from all the junior leagues and sides sent by Connachts league of Ireland representatives.[1]

The following table shows Connacht Senior Cup finals during the era of the Connacht Senior League. Junior sides are marked by a (J)

Season Winner ---- Runner-up Score
1981-82 Sligo Rovers v Galway Hibs (J) 3-2
1982-83 Mervue United v Collegians (J) 1-0
1983-84 Mervue United v Collegians (J) 2-1
1984-85 Galway United v Castlebar Celtic (J) 1-0
1985-86 Dynamo Blues (J) v UCG 2-1
1986-87 Galway Hibs (J) v Mervue United 3-1
1987-88 Calry Bohs (J) v Mervue United 1-1 Calry won replay 3-0
1988-89 Calry Bohs (J) v Mervue United 1-1 Calry won replay 5-0
1989-90 Salthill Devon v Calry Bohs (J) 1-1 replay 3-3, Salthill won on pens
1990-91 Salthill Devon v Westport United 1-0
1991-92 Salthill Devon v UCG 1-0
1992-93 Mervue United v Ballina Town 2-1
1993-94 West United(J) v Straide & Foxford United (J) 2-1
1994-95 Mervue United v Galway Hibs 2-0
1995-96 Galway United v UCG 2-1
1996-97 Renmore (J) v Salthill Devon 1-0
1997-98 Mervue United v Straide & Foxford United 1-0
1998-99 NUI Galway (previously UCG) v Mervue United 7-1
1999-00 Mervue United v Saint Peters of Athlone 4-2

The following table shows the results of the revived Connacht Senior Cup

Season Winner ---- Runner-up Score
2007-08 Galway United v Mervue United 2-0
2008-09 Westport United v Athenry 2-1
2009-10 Salthill Devon v Ballina Town 7-0