Connaught Place, Hong Kong

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Connaught Place, Hong Kong
Connaught Garden View 201506.jpg
Traditional Chinese 康樂廣場
Connaught Place between the General Post Office (left) and the Jardine House on the right.

Connaught Place, formerly called Connaught Centre,[citation needed] is a square near Jardine House in Central, Hong Kong.

The General Post Office and Exchange Square have Connaught Place addresses.

The square is home to a statue by Henry Moore entitled "Double Oval", which was unveiled in December 1977. The statue is donated by Hongkong Land and is dedicated to Vernon Roberts, former General Manager of the company.

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Coordinates: 22°16′59″N 114°09′34″E / 22.2830°N 114.1594°E / 22.2830; 114.1594