Connect (sculpture)

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Artist Jeremy Wolf
Year 2005
Type bronze
Dimensions 150 cm × 97 cm × 97 cm (60 in × 38 in × 38 in)
Location Riverside Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Coordinates 43°4′8.572″N 87°53′17.781″W / 43.06904778°N 87.88827250°W / 43.06904778; -87.88827250Coordinates: 43°4′8.572″N 87°53′17.781″W / 43.06904778°N 87.88827250°W / 43.06904778; -87.88827250
Owner Urban Ecology Center

Connect is a public art work by artist Jeremy Wolf. It is installed in Riverside Park on the east side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[1]


Connect is an anthropomorphic bronze sculpture depicting a life-sized raccoon holding a fish with its two hands. One of its back feet is raised. While the animal's fur, tail and head closely mimic a raccoon's actual features, its feet, forearms and hands have a human quality. The base on which the raccoon sits is embossed with woodland imagery like trees, insects and a salamander.

Commission process[edit]

Connect was selected by a committee assembled by the Urban Ecology Center.[2] Four artists—Susan Falkman, Peter Flanary, Richard Taylor and Jeremy Wolf—presented their concepts and fielded questions at an open meeting held at Riverside University High School in November 2003.[3]


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