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Connect,[1] a 501(c)(6) non-profit association, is the largest independent enterprise business technology community for Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Formed from the consolidation of Encompass, HP-Interex, and ITUG in May, 2008, Connect is a community of more than 70,000 HP customers, partners and employees. Through a strategic business partnership with HP, Connect engages its members through education, community, philanthropy, and advocacy to HPE.

This community of IT professionals delivers information technology solutions for complex and multi-system computing environments, focusing on HP technologies, including HP-UX, HP's NonStop, Blade, HP Helion, Enterprise Storage, Enterprise Unix, OpenVMS, Linux and Windows.

Through its advocacy channels, the Connect membership provides feedback and direction to HPE and their partners and has been instrumental in influencing the direction of many HPE technologies.


The respective Users organizations have been of significant importance as to the development of technology in the so-called mini computer business (departmental computing). It has survived multiple mergers and takeovers, as well as multiple hardware platforms and software platforms. During its history it has been a tradition of self-service and mutual support amongst customers to complement the official vendor support.

In the past more physical meetings were organized while since 2008 more online communities were formed. A separate activity was to offer universities a collaboration agreement for research and development.

HP Computer Clubs history
Founded User Group Organization Related Computer Manufacturer
1961 DECUS Digital Equipment Corporation
1976 HP General Systems Users Group (HPGSUG) Hewlett-Packard
1980s InterWorks (later iWorks and HP Works) Apollo
1998 Compaq Users Organisation (CUO) Compaq
ITUG Tandem Computers

HP-Interex Encompass

2008 Connect Community Hewlett-Packard


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