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The Connecticut Attorney General is the state attorney general of Connecticut.

The Attorney General is elected to a four-year term. The current Attorney General is George Jepsen, a Democrat serving since January 5, 2011.

List of Attorneys General[edit]

Name Term
Charles Phelps 1899-1903
William A. King 1903-1907
Marcus H. Holcomb 1907-1910
John H. Light 1910-1915
George E. Hinman 1915-1919
Frank E. Healy 1919-1927
Benjamin W. Alling 1927-1931
Warren B. Burrows 1931-1935
Edward J. Daly 1935-1937
Charles J. McLaughlin 1937-1938
Dennis P. O'Connor 1938-1939
Francis A. Pallotti 1939-1945
William L. Hadden 1945-1951
George C. Conway 1951-1953
William L. Beers 1953-1955
John J. Bracken 1955-1959
Albert L. Coles 1959-1963
Harold M. Mulvey 1963-1967
Robert K. Killian 1967-1975
Carl R. Ajello 1975-1983
Joseph I. Lieberman 1983-1989
Clarine Nardi Riddle 1989-1991
Richard Blumenthal 1991-2011
George Jepsen 2011-present

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