Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium

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Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium
Agency overview
Formed October 1996
Headquarters 85 Alumni Rd, Newington, CT
Employees <20
Agency executive
  • Kevin Corcoran, Executive Director
Parent agency Charter Oak State College

The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC) is a State of Connecticut agency that supports online learning in Connecticut. Although not a college, it hosts and provides services to Connecticut's colleges and universities to make it easier for them to offer online courses and degree programs. They also provide the same services for institutions outside the state of Connecticut.


The Consortium was created in October 1996 when over thirty colleges and universities met and agreed that Connecticut needed to systematically mount distance deliverable education.

Student Services[edit]

The CTDLC gives students information about online learning, including:

  • Listing of all online courses available from Connecticut's colleges and universities, including registration, tuition & fees, and pre-requisites
  • Listing of all online degree programs available at Connecticut's college and universities
  • Listing of all online certificate programs available at Connecticut's college and universities
  • Financial Aid information
  • Online tutoring (not offered at all colleges)
  • Links to all of the Connecticut's colleges and universities that offer online education
  • Free Sample online course
  • General facts and information about online learning
  • Online help desk
  • Hosting of Learning Management Systems

Faculty Services[edit]

The CTDLC website offers a variety of services for faculty, including training programs and grant opportunities.

Business Services[edit]

The CTDLC is available to help the business community with their online needs, including building web applications and converting face-to-face training into e-learning.