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The State Comptroller is the chief fiscal guardian of the State of Connecticut. The duties and responsibilities of the state comptroller include, among other things, overseeing state accounting, preparing state financial reports, paying and administering benefits to state employees, settling demands against the state that do not first have to be approved or adjusted by the General Assembly, administering miscellaneous appropriations for employee taxes, insurance, and health services, and administering grants to police, firefighters, and municipalities.[1]

Comptrollers in Connecticut are elected to a term of four years, their election taking place in the same cycle as gubernatorial elections.

The current state comptroller is Kevin Lembo, a Democrat who has served since January 5, 2011.

List of comptrollers[edit]

  A Connecticut   Democratic   Federalist   Democratic-Republican   National Republican   Free Soil   Republican   Whig

Name Town Political Party Term of Office
James Wadsworth Durham Independent 1786–1788
Oliver Wolcott Litchfield 1788–1790
Ralph Pomeroy Coventry 1790–1791
Andrew Kingsbury Hartford 1791–1793
John Porter Lebanon 1793–1806
Elisha Colt Hartford 1806–1819
James Thomas Hartford 1819–1830
Elisha Phelps Simsbury 1830–1834
Roger Huntington Norwich 1834–1835
Gideon Welles Hartford Democratic 1835–1836
William Field Pomfret 1836–1838
Henry Kilbourn Hartford 1838–1842
Gideon Welles Hartford Democratic 1842–1844
Abijah Carrington New Haven 1844–1846
Mason Cleveland Hampton 1846–1847
Abijah Catlin Harwinton 1847–1850
Rufus G. Pinney Stafford Democratic 1850–1854
John Dunham Norwich Whig 1854–1855
Alexander Merrell New London American 1855–1856
Edward Prentis New London American 1856–1857
Joseph G. Lamb Norwich American, Republican 1857–1858
William H. Buell Clinton Republican 1858–1861
Leman W. Cutler Watertown Republican 1861–1866
Robbins Battell Norfolk Union 1866–1867
Jesse Olney Stratford Democratic 1867–1869
James W. Manning Putnam Republican 1869–1870
Seth S. Logan Washington Democratic 1870–1871
James W. Manning Putnam Republican 1871–1873
Alfred R. Goodrich Vernon Democratic 1873–1877
Charles C. Hubbard Middletown Democratic 1877–1879
Chauncey Howard Coventry Republican 1879–1881
Wheelock Batcheller Winsted Republican 1881–1883
Frank D. Sloat New Haven Republican 1883–1885
Luzerne I. Munson Waterbury Republican 1885–1887
Thomas Clark North Stonington Republican 1887–1889
John B. Wright Clinton Republican 1889–1891
Nicholas Staub New Milford Democratic 1891–1895
Benjamin P. Mead New Canaan Republican 1895–1899
Thompson S. Grant Enfield Republican 1899–1901
Abiram Chamberlain Meriden Republican 1901–1903
William E. Seeley Bridgeport Republican 1903–1905
Asahel W. Mitchell Woodbury Republican 1905–1907
Thomas D. Bradstreet Thomaston Republican 1907–1913
Daniel P. Dunn Windham Democratic 1913–1915
Morris C. Webster Torrington Republican 1915–1921
Harvey P. Bissell Ridgefield Republican 1921–1923
Frederick M. Salmon Westport Republican 1923–1933
Anson F. Keeler Norwalk Republican 1933–1935
Charles C. Swartz Norwalk Democratic 1935–1939
Fred R. Zeller Stonington Republican 1939–1941
John M. Dowe1 Killingly Democratic 1941–1943
Fred R. Zeller Stonington Republican 1943–1945
John M. Dowe1 Killingly Democratic 1945–1946
Raymond S. Thatcher2 East Hampton Democratic 1946–1947
Fred R. Zeller Stonington Republican 1947–1949
Raymond S. Thatcher2 East Hampton Democratic 1949–1951
Fred R. Zeller Stonington Republican 1951–1959
Raymond S. Thatcher2 East Hampton Democratic 1959–1966
James J. Casey3 Winchester Democratic 1966–1967
Louis I. Gladstone Bridgeport Democratic 1967–1971
Nathan G. Agostinelli Manchester Republican 1971–1975
J. Edward Caldwell Bridgeport Democratic 1975–1991
William E. Curry, Jr. Farmington Democratic 1991–1995
Nancy S. Wyman Tolland Democratic 1995–2011
Kevin P. Lembo Guilford Democratic 2011–present

Town listed is town of residence at time of election.

  • 1Died in office May 15, 1946, and Raymond S. Thatcher was appointed by the General Assembly to fill the vacancy.
  • 2Resigned July 19, 1966, to become a member of the Public Utilities Commission.
  • 3Appointed by governor July 19, 1966, to fill the unexpired term of Raymond S. Thatcher.


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