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The Connecticut State Board of Education is the governing body of the Connecticut State Department of Education, the state education agency of Connecticut. The board and the department oversee public education in the state, distribute funds to the state's 166 school districts, and operates the Connecticut Technical High School System.

The State Board of Education consists of thirteen members, at least two of whom have experience in manufacturing or a trade offered at the Technical High School System, one with a background in vocational agriculture and two nonvoting Grade 12 student members. The Governor appoints, with the advice and consent of the General Assembly, the members to the Board. The eleven voting members are appointed to four-year terms, and the student members are appointed to one-year terms. The Commissioner of the Department of Higher Education serves as an ex officio, nonvoting member. The State Board of Education recommends to the Governor the appointment of the Commissioner of Education, who serves as the secretary to the Board for a term coterminous with that of the Governor.

Members (as of 2015)[edit]

Connecticut State Board of Education
Member Title
Diana Wentzell Commissioner of Education
Allan B. Taylor Chairman
Theresa Hopkins-Staten Vice Chairwoman
Ellen Camhi Member
Charles A. Jaskiewicz III
Estela López
Patricia B. Luke
Patricia Keavney-Maruca
Ferdinand L. Risco, Jr.
Joseph J. Vrabely Jr.
Stephen P. Wright
Andrea Dinicu Student member
Rebecca Salustri

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