Connecticut Yankee Nuclear Power Plant

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Connecticut Yankee Nuclear Power Plant
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Connecticut Yankee Nuclear Power Plant
Official nameHaddam Neck Nuclear Power Plant
CountryUnited States
LocationHaddam, Middlesex County, Connecticut
Coordinates41°28′56″N 72°29′54″W / 41.48222°N 72.49833°W / 41.48222; -72.49833Coordinates: 41°28′56″N 72°29′54″W / 41.48222°N 72.49833°W / 41.48222; -72.49833
Construction beganMay 1, 1964
Commission dateJanuary 1, 1968
Decommission dateDecember 5, 1996
Owner(s)Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company
Operator(s)Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company
Nuclear power station
Reactor typePWR
Reactor supplierWestinghouse
Cooling sourceConnecticut River
Power generation
Units decommissioned1 × 560 MW
Thermal capacity1 × 1825 MWth
Capacity factor73.5% (lifetime)
Connecticut Yankee

Connecticut Yankee Nuclear Power Plant (CY) was a nuclear power plant located in Haddam Neck, Connecticut, that was commissioned in 1968, ceased electricity production in 1996, and was decommissioned by 2004. The reason for the closure was because operation of the nuclear power station was no longer cost effective.[1] The plant had a capacity of 582MW.[2] Demolition of the containment dome was completed the week of July 17, 2006.


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