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IndustryComputer software
Founded1 October 2009 (2009-10-01)
FounderAlex Gizis
Area served
  • Connectify Hotspot, Speedify

Connectify is an American software company that develops networking software for consumers, professionals and companies.[1][2][3] Connectify Hotspot[4][5] is a virtual router software for Microsoft Windows.[6] and Speedify[7] is a mobile VPN service[8] with channel bonding capabilities.[9]


Connectify launched their first product, Connectify Hotspot, in October 2009.[10] It can enable a Windows PC to serve as a router over Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Along with a Windows 7, 8 or 10 certified Wi-Fi device it can act as a wireless access point. This enables users to share files, printers, and Internet connections between multiple computing devices without the need for a separate physical access point or router.

Connectify spent the next two years improving the product, first making it free and ad-supported. In 2011, Connectify switched to a freemium commercial model which included premium features for paying customers. These features included extended support of 3G/4G mobile devices, fully customizable SSIDs and premium customer support.

In 2011, Connectify received funding[11] from In-Q-Tel to begin developing a more powerful and secure remote networking platform and a connection-aggregation application. Connectify used this funding to develop the foundation of the application, and then in 2012 turned to the crowdfunding site Kickstarter[12][13] to raise additional funding [14][15] to develop Connectify Dispatch. Dispatch was a load balancer which could combine any number of Ethernet, Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connections.

In 2014, Connectify launched Speedify, a channel bonding application for PCs running Microsoft Windows and macOS.[16] In January 2016, Speedify for Mobile was launched at CES,[17][18] adding support for iOS and Android. In December 2016, Speedify added encryption on all supported platforms, turning it into a mobile virtual private network.[19]

Connectify released other apps: Pingify (in 2017) - a mobile network diagnostics tool, and EdgeWise Connect (in 2019).


Connectify Hotspot[edit]

Connectify Hotspot is a virtual router software application available for PCs running Windows 7 or a later version. It was launched in 2009 by Connectify and it has 3 main functions:

  • Wi-Fi hotspot - users can share the Internet connection from their PC through a Wi-Fi adapter.[20] The free version of Connectify Hotspot only allows sharing of wired or Wi-Fi Internet via Wi-Fi. The paid versions allow users to share any type of Internet connection, including 4G / LTE. through Wi-Fi or Ethernet.[21]
  • Wired router - users can share a computer's Wi-Fi connection via Ethernet. This functionality is only available in the paid versions of Connectify Hotspot.
  • Wi-Fi repeater - users can extend the range of a Wi-Fi network and bridge other devices on that network directly. This functionality is only available in the paid versions of Connectify Hotspot.

Starting with version 2017, Connectify Hotspot also incorporates a universal ad blocker for clients connecting to the Wi-Fi or Ethernet network it creates.[22] This feature is available for free.


Speedify is a mobile VPN service available for devices running Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Speedify 1.0 was first launched in June 2014[23] as a channel bonding service.

Speedify can combine multiple Internet connections given its link aggregation capabilities. In theory, this should offer faster Internet connection speeds and failover protection.

Starting 2016, as a VPN service, Speedify's privacy policy states they do not log what users do or what sites they visit through the Speedify service.[24]

Speedify can be used for free for the first 5 GB each month[25]; there are monthly and yearly subscription plans available. Tom's Guide picked Speedify as the fastest VPN in late 2018.[26]

Speedify for Teams[edit]

"Speedify for Teams" is Connectify's business product. It is basically a multi-seat Speedify mobile VPN license with added centralized account management capabilities.


Pingify is a free utility for testing network coverage, Internet reliability and VPN dependability.[27] It's currently available for iOS devices - it helps you run ping on your iPhone.[28]

Pingify was developed as an internal testing tool for Speedify on iOS - a mobile network diagnostics tool. Then, in 2017, it was made publicly available.

EdgeWise Connect[edit]

EdgeWise Connect is a simple VPN available for iPhone which can seamlessly move web traffic between the Wi-Fi and cellular data connections. The service uses channel bonding technology and is fully encrypted.[29]

EdgeWise Connect was launched in early 2019 and can be used for free for a few hours each day; there are monthly and yearly subscription plans available.[30] Out of the sales, they donate 3% of revenues to charities committed to the preservation of owls.[31]


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