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Connor Doran (born February 5, 1993[1]) is an indoor kite flier, performing to music with four-line kites. He is best known for reaching the top 12 finalists of the fifth season of America's Got Talent.[2]

Connor is from Bend, Oregon, United States and began kite flying in 2007 to ease his epilepsy-induced anxiety. His participation in America's Got Talent was notable.[1] and notable as an epilepsy advocate: "I used to live in fear of my epilepsy, but when I'm flying my kite, I don't even think about it. I hope my experience helps others build confidence too."[2] In an earlier season, an indoor kite flier, Scott Weider, experienced technical difficulties, which Doran did not.[2] He was eliminated in the Las Vegas round of the competition, but then was brought back. He made it an extra round in to the top 24, but was eventually eliminated.

America's Got Talent[edit]

Week Song Performed To Performance order Result
Audition "Angel" N/A Sent to Vegas
Vegas Week N/A Eliminated
Wild Card "You Raise Me Up" 9 Safe
Top 24 "Fireflies" 6 Eliminated in Judges' Choice


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